OpenSpaceAlps - Final Conference

Final Conference of the Interreg AS Project Openspacealps

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  • Date: 31.05.2022, 09:00 - 17:00
  • Place: Eurac Research, Headquarter, Viale Druso 1, 39100 Bolzano

The Final Conference aims at summarising and presenting the outcomes of the OpenSpaceAlps project, bringing together professionals, policymakers, scientists and interested citizens engaged with spatial planning issues in mountain areas, and enhancing the participation of the AlpPlan Network members. All these activities will take place on 31.05.2022.

On 01.06.2022 an excursion to one of the open spaces in South Tyrol will take place. Please find more inromation on the agenda.

OpenSpaceAlps - Final Conference Video





Sustainable development of alpine open spaces by enhancing spatial planning governance

Duration: September 2019 - June 2022Funding: Alpine Space 2014-2020 (EUTC /EU ...

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