22 September 22

Eurac Research at WCPEC-8

from 26 to 30 September Eurac Research is going to take part at the WCPEC-8 Conference and the International Exhibition in Milan

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The World Conference on Photovoltaic Energy Conversion (WCPEC-8) is the world’s biggest platform for PV research and development, offering a unique possibility of international exchange by combining the three largest and most prominent international PV conferences: the European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference (39th EU PVSEC), the Photovoltaic Specialists Conference (IEEE PVSC-50) and the International PV Science and Engineering Conference (PVSEC-32).

Eurac Research will take part at WCPEC8 as well as in the International EXhibition at Milano Convention Center, booth C7, where our researchers will be available to talk about the latest results in EnergyMatching and TRUSTPV projects.

Here below all the paper and oral presentations by our researchers:

L. Koester, E. Vallarella, A. Louwen, S. Lindig, D. Moser: "Technical Considerations Resulting from Photovoltaic Module Heating During Electroluminescence Inspection"

S. Lindig, A. Louwen, L. Koester, A. Astigarraga, D. Moser: "Detailed Performance & Degradation Assessment of different PV Technologies with more than 10 years lifetime"

S. Lindig, S. Gallmetzer, M. Herz, D. Moser, G. Oviedo-Hernandez, S. Southern, L. Moretti: "Little Maintenance over 25 years?” – A comprehensive statistical assessment of 35,000 O&M tickets across 5 countries and their techno-economic impacts"

M. Secchi, G. Barchi, D. Moser, D. Pellizzari, A. Costa, S. Nassuato: "Energy Sharing Contro Strategies: a Benchmark Analysis in a Configurable Italian Demonstrator"

M Dallapiccola "A simple guide for designing a photovoltaic and battery system coupled with a heat pump across Europe"

G Barchi "Energy sharing control strategies: A benchmark analysis in a configurable Italian demonstrator"

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