Tools & Services

Eurac Research developed a wide range of tools, from open source simulation softwares to full detailed energy databases. These tools, mostly developed within European research projects, are freely available online for designers, architects, technicians and all those who wish to deepen their knowledge in the world of renewable energy sources. Another important area in which we offer our expertise is the monitoring of energy performances: our researchers developed toolboxes complete with sensors for indoor environments monitoring, and a series of monitoring services applied in different fields such as buildings, photovoltaics, district heating systems and energy management softwares. Besides these energy tools and monitoring we also support activities and scientific consultancy for private or public institutions.

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#Energy analysis

Eurac Research's support for energy saving solutions for companies

#Windows and facades calculations

Services offered in order to calculate the energy performance of windows and facades

# E-mobility services

The services offered in the field of e-mobility

# Energy modelling

Eurac Research's expertise in energy system modelling

# Monitoring tools

Eurac Research's know how and tools for energy performances monitoring

# GIS energy maps

Eurac Research's technical expertise in eleborating Geographic Information System maps

# Energy database

Eurac Research's energy data collections

# Software tools

Eurac Research's technical know how in energy software tools development