Memberships and network

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Memberships and partnerships

The Institute for Renewable Energy is active as partner, collaborator and board member in European and national agencies, associations, platforms and scientific networks. We also collaborate actively and fruitfully with several local scientific partners and agencies, which are not all listed here below, but we thank them for their support and cooperation.

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Industry Meeting

Industry Meeting 2019© Eurac Research | Matthias Mühlberger

Every year the Institute organizes workshops, seminars, and other events, that bring together scientific research and the industrial world.

These meetings are dedicated to decision makers (CEO, CTO, R&D and Product Managers, head of area or business-unit) representing industries and companies active in the renewable energy field on a macro regional scale (South Tyrol, Northern Italy, Austria, Switzerland).Together with our experts, they are called to discuss and investigate common research fields, projects and developments to face the challenges of the future energy market demands.

Clients and partners

Every year the institute collaborates with companies in bilateral and unilateral projects. Below are some of the companies with which we have recently collaborated