15 April 24

Scientific partnership with REbuild

Workshop on comfort in plus energy buildings at Riva del Garda

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Part of our research deals with the efficiency of buildings and finding innovative solutions to reduce energy needs while ensuring comfortable and healthy environments for those who live in them.

For some years now, our interest in these topics has linked us to REbuild, the first Italian event on sustainable innovation in the built environment. As REbuild's scientific partner, we will be present at the event, which will be held in Riva del Garda on 14 and 15 May, to discuss how to reduce the environmental impact of buildings, improve construction processes, and innovate in the building sector.

In particular, we will be present with the workshop "How to design and construct comfortable buildings with a positive energy balance?" on the topic of comfort and energy efficiency in buildings.

The workshop will be held on 14 May, from 17:00 to 18:00, and will be moderated by Roberto Lollini, group leader of the Energy Efficiency of Buildings research group.

During the workshop, we will discuss how it is possible to put the needs of inhabitants at the centre to build houses that not only consume little energy, but also produce it, thus contributing to the health of people and the environment.

The workshop is organised in the framework of the H2020 Cultural-E project, and will also be an opportunity to explore new technologies developed in the project, opening a debate on how these can be combined and applied to manage comfort and optimise energy consumption.

Register to REbuild: https://rebuilditalia.it/it/ottieni-il-biglietto

Book your place in the workshop: https://bit.ly/rebuild24

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