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The Future Envelope – Towards Zero Carbon Buildings

A conference of the European Facade Network

  • English
  • Date: 15-16.12.2022
  • Place: NOI Techpark

The conference aims at providing new points of view on the current state, upcoming challenges, and innovations in the field of the building envelope design, manufacturing, installation, operation, dismantling, EoL. The broad scope is to ease the path towards nature‐compliant, human‐centred comfortable and efficient buildings. It is structured in four thematic chaired sessions with key-note speakers, merging international and South‐Tirol perspectives!

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1. Performance Evaluation

The session focuses on key aspects of building envelope performances towards the Zero Carbon target, from the mutual connections among relevant urban factors, to the microclimate and the customization of materials in light of buildings’ energy performance; from a sustainability and LCA building envelope design approach to roadmaps towards global performance targets.

Chaired by Roberto Lollini, Eurac Research


  • Emanuela Giancola, CIEMAT - “The relevance of the envelope materials in the urban environment
  • Matteo Orlandi, ARUP - “How to enable the road to Zero Carbon"
  • Claudia Di Noi, GREENDELTA -“Sustainability as a design parameter: tools, metrics, know-how
  • Ulrich Klammsteiner, Klimahaus Agentur -“How can zero carbon buildings be put into practice?

2. Envelope technologies towards Zero Carbon

The session offers an in-depth overview of advanced building envelope technologies towards Zero Carbon, with specific focus on bio-based materials and innovative technologies for opaque and transparent building envelopes, outlining the main potentialities and trends in the fields of construction and research.

Chaired by Miren Juaristi Gutierrez, Eurac Research


  • Marta Fuente Gonzales, TECNALIA -“Development process of a biobased envelope in the European project BASAJAUN
  • Daniel Arztman, SCHÜCO -“Adaptive façade concepts for sustainable buildings
  • Piero Bernabé, PROGRESS -“Building of sustainable envelopes with innovative precast concrete components

3. Lighthouse experiences

The session discusses, through best practice demo cases, the challenge in decarbonising, optimising operational and embodied carbon in façades design, the role of the building envelope in order to face energy poverty, bioclimatic construction strategies, industrialized construction and public housing for near zero energy consumption, and the prefabrication with bio-based materials towards the Zero Carbon target.

Chaired by Ulrich Klammsteiner, Klimahaus Agentur


  • Carlo Battisti & Marina Kindelan, Living Future Europe & AESG -“The challenge in decarbonizing, optimizing operational and embodied carbon in façade design to achieve net zeropdf
  • Gorka Alvarez Ugalde, Ruiz Larrea Arquitectos -“Active envelopes against energy poverty
  • Linda Comerlati, Edifici di Paglia Italia -“The new biobased architecture: prefabricated straw buildings
  • Manuel Benedikter, Architekt -“72 flats in Bolzano – a refurbishment using refabricated wood facades

4. Challenges

The session focuses on the main trends and future challenges related to building envelopes design, from building resilience against climate change effects, to innovative approaches for recycling construction materials, from the relation between a user-centred and Zero Carbon façade design approach, to the aspects of bringing Zero Carbon solutions to “reality”.

Chaired by Enrico Sergio Mazzucchelli, Politecnico di Milano


  • Martino Milardi, Università Mediterranea RC -“Challenge scenarios and trend indicators for building envelope innovation”
  • Faidra Oikonomopoulou & Telesilla Bristogianni, TU Delft -“Glass up-casting: A novel approach for recycling “as-is” glass waste into volumetric glass components”
  • Alessandra Luna Navarro, TU Delft - “User-centred and zero carbon façade design: are they conflictive requirements?

Organising Committee

• Stefano Avesani (Eurac Research), • Miren Juaristi (Eurac Research), • Enrico S. Mazzucchelli (Politecnico di Milano)

Target audience & information

The target audience of the conference are designers, consultants, envelope manufacturers, suppliers, general contractors from Italy and Europe.

Professional credits (Crediti Formativi Professionali - CFP) are available for Engineers (6 CFP) and Architects (10 CFP) registered to Associations in Italy (Ordine degli Ingegneri e Ordine degli Architetti)

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