Hygrothermal testing lab

Laboratory for research and industry for the hygrothermal characterization of building materials

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hygrothermal laboratory© Eurac Research - Ivo Corrà
building material testing© Eurac Research - Ivo Corrà
measurement of water absorption coefficient by partial immersion© Eurac Research - Ivo Corrà
measurement of vapour permeability© Eurac Research - Ivo Corrà
thermal conductivity measurement© Eurac Research - Ivo Corrà
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hygrothermal laboratory© Eurac Research - Ivo Corrà

The Hygrothermal Testing Lab performs measurements of the thermal and hygrometric properties of building materials. Calculation models and simulation tools require laboratory measured input data that are reliable and validated. This particular type of data plays a fundamental role in the context of the energy retrofit of buildings: thanks to these parameters it is possible to correctly evaluate their performance and define design solutions that are energy efficient and prevent any moisture-related damage such as interstitial condensation, mould formation or rising damp.

The laboratory and the tests carried out

  • Basic properties: density.
  • Thermal properties: thermal conductivity, specific heat capacity.
  • Hygrometric properties: vapor permeability, water uptake coefficient, moisture storage function, liquid (capillary) conductivity.

To carry out these tests, the laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art instruments, such as analytical balances, climatic chambers, drying ovens and pressure plate extractors. The properties described above can be measured individually in the laboratory or, alternatively, a complete hygrothermal characterization of the material can be carried out. In addition to that, the Hygrothermal Testing Lab can design tailor-made experiments for the verification of the hygrothermal performance of technological solutions in the construction industry.

Skills at the service of businesses

Thanks to their knowledge in the field of building physics, Eurac Research experts can support companies in developing innovative materials by focusing on their hygrothermal behavior. Additionally, they can test the performance of building materials in accordance with standard requirements or perform a full characterization with the aim of modeling them in advanced hygrothermal simulation software. Laboratory measurements can also provide valuable support for the renovation of buildings where it is important to know the hygrothermal properties of existing materials to better plan the renovation work.

Hygrothermal characterisation for enterprises

  • hygrothermal laboratory
  • building material testing
  • dynamic hygrothermal simulation
  • thermal conductivity measurement
  • measurement of vapour permeability
  • measurement of water absorption coefficient by partial immersion
  • solutions to prevent moisture damages
  • consulting and support for innovative material development

Laboratory funded by the Autonomous Province of Bolzano

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