Lukas Egarter Vigl

Lukas Egarter Vigl

Lukas Egarter Vigl

Senior Researcher
Institute for Alpine Environment

T 303 550 1740 93+


I am a landscape ecologist and in my research I explore why and how ecosystems and landscapes change in response to changes in management and climate, and what this means for human wellbeing and society at large. I answer these questions using mainly integrative research approaches from the fields of Ecology, Geography, and Agronomy. My work is highly interdisciplinary and also science-practice-policy oriented, and I typically operate at multiple spatiotemporal scales, ranging from the parcel to the landscape level and from past to future time periods.

Reserach interests:

  • climate and land-use change
  • agroecosystems (i.e. vineyards and orchards)
  • human-nature interactions (i.e. NbS, GI, NCP)
  • science-practice-policy interface