Alpine Ecosystem Services – mapping, maintenance and management

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The Alpine Space (AS) is an important provider of ecosystem services (ES), which are one of the main pillars of a Green Economy in the Alps and a key driver of Alpine development.
The human population and different economic sectors such as tourism, forestry, agriculture, energy and transport derive benefits from ES. Ecosystems and their services go beyond national borders. Therefore, we need a transnational approach for their protection, sustainable use and management.

The AlpES project’s overall objective is to introduce a common understanding of ecosystem services as a regional and transnational environmental governance framework and train and support the AlpES target groups in understanding, valuing and managing them.

AlpES will

1. develop an Alpine ecosystem services concept

2. carry out a mapping and assessment of ecosystem services for the Alpine Space area including the testing in selected study regions across the Alpine Space

3. provide stakeholders with the results through an interactive web GIS and

4. ensure a multi-level and cross-sectoral transfer of AlpES results to a maximum number of stakeholders.
via a suite of innovative, tailored and transferable
learning tools and targeted activities.



Caroline Pecher

Alice Labadini

Lukas Egarter Vigl

Sebastian Candiago

Erich Tasser

Thomas Marsoner


AlpES website:


Support from the European Union: € 1.829.886,45

EU funds to Eurac Research: € 379.809,24

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Ecological Indicators

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Our partners
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  • Austrian Academy of Sciences, Institute for Interdisciplinary Mountain Research

  • Centre For Studies and Expertise on Risks, Environment, Mobility, and Urban and Country planning, ...

  • Institute for Environmental Planning and Spatial Development

  • Piedmont Region, Environment, Territorial Government and Protection Directorate Strategic Planning ...

  • Principality of Liechtenstein, Office of Environment

  • The Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for nature conservation

  • University of Innsbruck, Institute of Ecology

  • Veneto Region, Department of EAFRD Managing Authority, Parks and Forests / Organizational Unit for ...