The current situation of climate change integration in Trentino

18 January 2022
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As anticipated in the blog post by Federica Cittadino, there is a central but under-studied aspect in the fight against climate change: the implementation of effective mitigation and adaptation measures at the sub-national level. Climate governance, in fact, is taking on an increasingly global dimension and while this is essential for addressing such a wide-ranging issue, it should also manage to maintain some difficult geo-political equilibria.

Niccolò Bertuzzi

Niccolò Bertuzzi is a research fellow in political sociology at the University of Trento (School of International Studies) and a member of COSMOS (Centre on Social Movement Studies). He was a research fellow at Scuola Normale Superiore and he obtained his PhD in Applied Sociology and Methodology of Social Research at University Milano Bicocca. Among his research interests: political sociology, social movement studies, sociology of consumption, political ecology. His scholarships on these topics were published in leading peer-review journals at the international level.


Bertuzzi, N. The current situation of climate change integration in Trentino.

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