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24 January 20

Strategy meeting with Sapienza Innovazione

A win-win partnership for the future of technology

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Meeting with Sapienza Innovazione at Eurac Research© Eurac Research | vvm

Sapienza Innovazione, a subsidiary of Sapienza Università di Roma, aims to promote dialogue between universities, research centres and companies in order to launch projects that are at the highest level, both technically and scientifically. Recently, Andrea Billi, Director of Sapienza Innovazione and Luca Cedola, responsible for strategic cooperation, visited the Center for Advanced Studies.

How will technology develop and how can companies respond? These are the questions that both Sapienza Innovazione and the Center for Advanced Studies are exploring. While the former is in close exchange with the MISE, the Ministry of Economic Development, and mainly advises internationally active large companies, the Center for Advanced Studies occupies a niche and focuses on small and medium-sized enterprises and on its mediating role to bring generalists together with specialists. The strategy meeting with Sapienza Innovazione at Eurac Research represented a milestone for further cooperation between the two institutions.

After the welcome by Roland Psenner, President of Eurac Research and an introduction by Harald Pechlaner and Roland Benedikter, Director and Co-Director of the Center for Advanced Studies, Luca Cedola underlined digitalisation as an important driver in the energy sector and presented examples of smart energy.

Wolfram Sparber, Head of the Institute for Renewable Energy of Eurac Research highlighted the great potential of alpine technologies and the different possibilities to adapt energy planning to the conditions of the region. Walter Huber, Director of the H2 Centre South Tyrol, spoke about hydrogen as a key technology of the future and about South Tyrol's expertise in this field, which could also have great significance on a national level.

Andrea Billi presented Airlite as a prime example of technological innovation, a wall paint that transforms interior and exterior walls into a natural air purifier thanks to light energy. Sergio Arzeni, President of the European Confederation of SMEs INSME, pleaded for a focus of technological innovation and implementation on small and medium-sized enterprises. It was agreed to further intensify cooperation on these and other topics.

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