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  • Institute: Institute for Earth Observation

The project objective is to prepare the Institute to work with Sentinel data through ESA Collaborative Ground Segments (ASI – Agenzia Spaziale Italiana and EODC Water - Earth Observation Data Centre for Water Resources Monitoring).

Since 2010, the EURAC satellite receiving station receives and processes data acquired from EO NASA missions, providing product and services for the environmental monitoring especially for Alpine regions and South Tyrol. The new family of ESA (European Space Agency) missions carries a range of technologies, such as radar and multi-spectral imaging instruments, and offers further development opportunities of these services. The direct reception of the mission has been regulated by ESA through the organization of the Copernicus Ground Segment and the Core Ground Segment. The Institute opportunity to access Sentinel data comes through the Collaborative Ground Segment organizations. The Institute will be part of the Italian collaborative ground segment through ASI and the Earth Observation Data Center for Water resources monitoring. The existing Eurac Ground Segment has to be further enhanced in order to be compliant with the requirements of the new missions.

Machine Learning in Earth Observation: examples from the daily work at the Institute for Earth Observation
Jacob A, Bertone A, Barella R, Callegari M, Cuozzo G, De Gregorio L, Kofler C, Marin C, Notarnicola C, Premier V, Sonnenschein R, Steger S, Zebisch M (2019)

Conference: Davinci| Know How Transfer Event Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning 4th Meeting | Bolzano : 3.9.2019 - 3.9.2019


High-resolution forest change maps for the European Alps
Sonnenschein R, Schwalb-Willmann, J (2018)
Sentinel-2-based annual forest changes across the European Alps
Sonnenschein, R, Schwalb-Willmann, J (2018)

Conference: 38th Annual EARSeL Symposium 9-12 July 2018 | Chania, Crete, Greece | 9.7.2018 - 12.7.2018


Participatory Earth Observation Research in the Alps: The Sentinel Alpine Observatory
Jacob A, Zebisch M, Notarnicola C, Sonnenschein R, Marin C, Monsorno R, Costa A, Vianello A (2018)

Conference: ESA Phi-week | Frascati | 12.11.2018 - 16.11.2018


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Marcello Petitta

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Sebastian Geidel

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