OGC Testbed-19 Geo Data Cubes API

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OGC Testbeds are an annual research and development initiative that explore geospatial technology from various angles. They take the OGC Baseline into account, and at the same time explore selected aspects with broad teams from industry, government, and academia to advance Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable (FAIR) principles and OGC’s open standards capabilities. Testbeds integrate requirements and ideas from a group of sponsors, which allows leveraging symbiotic effects and makes the overall initiative more attractive to both participants and sponsoring organizations. The Testbed-19 initiative will explore six tasks, including Agile Reference Architecture, Analysis Ready Data, Geodatacubes, Geospatial in Space, High-performance Computing, and Machine Learning: Transfer Learning for Geospatial Applications.

We will focus completely on the implementation of the GeoDataCube API draft version that we are coordinating to be specified during the testbed. We will further implement both client and server implementation to this new spec based on combining modular components from the openEO API spec as well as the OGC API building blocks such as commons, coverages and processes.

This new specification allows us to combine process graphs of openEO with predefined container based processes as described in  OGC API processes part 1,2 & 3.

Contact Person: alexander.jacob@eurac.edu

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