Alpine Community Economies Lab

  • Project duration: March 2019 - September 2021
  • Project status:
  • Funding:
    Other EU Funding (EU funding / Project)
  • Total project budget: €180,277.00
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Alpine Community Economies Lab (ACElab) uses participatory and design thinking methods to support alpine communities in addressing cross-cutting concerns of sustainable socio-economic development outlined in the EU Strategy for the Alpine Region and the Alpine Convention. Via a gender-sensitive community-based research space in Rovereto (Trentino/Italy), a diversity of civic actors and policy makers will be engaged in the collaborative investigation of (trans)local economies (e.g. forestry, tourism, crafts) sustaining their valley district. Together developments that have both people and the environment at their core will be envisioned. To do so, expertise in design-led civic participation and feminist economic geography and the expertise in regional development and participatory governance of the Host (Centre for Advanced Studies) and Secondment institution (Habitat Unit, TU Berlin) will be mobilised. Together a multifaceted community economies toolkit will be prototyped, tested and refined to be released via open-access.

Das Lebenselixier alpiner Gemeinschaften
Elzenbaumer B, Dalla Torre C, Raffaetà R (2021)

More information: ...

Design thinking methods and the diverse economies approach in collaborations between civic and public stakeholders
Elzenbaumer B (2021)

Conference: Interdisciplinary Creative Problem Solving Lab | Bologna | 20.11.2020 - 2.4.2021

Towards a Rural Commons Manifesto.
Investigating emerging commoning practices, engaging communities, exploring design approaches through an itinerant and transregional Festival.
Dalla Torre C, Elzenbaumer B, Favargiotti S, Ferretti M (2021)

Conference: 61th ERSA Annual Congress | Bolzano | 24.8.2021 - 27.8.2021

Launch of The Interdependence: a multi-local alliance between community economies initiatives
Elzenbaumer B, Böhm K, Szreder K, Gibson K, McKinnon K (2020)

Conference: Liviana - Community Economies Research Network (CERN) - Online Conference | online | 2.11.2020 - 14.11.2020

Community Economies: A Practice Exchange, 7-9 June 2019 Vallagarina, Italy
Elzenbaumer B (2020)
Berlin: Agents of Alternatives
(Alpine Community Economies Laboratory - Snapshot Journal #1)

More information: ...

Making alpine landscapes in common
Elzenbaumer B (2020)

Conference: Mediated reconstructions| developing a historiographic design method in landscape | Toronto : 3.11.2020 - 3.11.2020

COMUNfARE: making in common
Elzenbaumer B (2020)

Conference: Spaces of Learning - Year 4 - MA Architecture, Sheffield Hallam University | Sheffield | 20.11.2020 - 20.11.2020

Co-Creating Empowering Economic Systems: Strategies for Action
Brave New Alps, Elzenbaumer B (2019)
Journal article
Modes of Criticism
Technische Universität Berlin
Alpine Convention
Tavolo dell’Economia Solidale
Trentino Sviluppo S.p.A.
Municipality of Rovereto
La Foresta - Accademia di Comunità
Comunità Frizzante - Fare Bevande per Fare Comunità
The EU-Strategy for the Alpine Region (EUSALP)
Project Team
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Biodiversity of cultivated species in the Puster Valley

Duration: December 2020 - September 2021Funding:
Italy-Austria 2014-2020 (EUTC / EU funding / Project)

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