Mainstreaming ecological connectivity in spatial planning systems of the Alpine Space

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Ecological connectivity is a fundamental tool for the protection of biodiversity, yet it is currently not adequately included in Alpine spatial planning systems. The existing protected areas are created for keeping up biodiversity and ecosystem functions but, to be effective, they need to be connected among them through an ecological network. As long as it is not implemented, harmonized and managed by Alpine countries, this structure of ecological connectivity is currently threatened by the effects of human presence, anthropogenic infrastructure, and climate change. Therefore, the PlanToConnect project will foster the consideration of ecological connectivity into the spatial planning systems of the alpine countries. It will develop and test a planning strategy as well as capacity-building activities to integrate biodiversity and ecological connectivity in spatial planning tools and policies. This joint development will contribute to the enhancement of a coherent network of green and blue infrastructures in the Alps.

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Several reports and documents are and will be elaborated within this project. All of them can be freely downloaded here.

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Within this project several maps have been created to show different aspects of ecologial connectivity. Please click on the link to view them.

"Mainstreaming ecological connectivity in spatial planning systems of the Alpine Space"

Total project budget: 2,461,927 EUR

ERDF grants: 1,846,446 EUR

PlanToConnect - Ökologische Netzwerke in der Freiraumplanung: Internationaler Austausch im gemeinsamen Event der „AlpPlan/PlanToConnect Expert Platform on Green Infrastructure, Ecological Connectivity and Spatial Planning“ in Ljubljana
Ströbel K, Laner P (2024)
Die Alpenkonvention

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Priority ecological connectivity areas for spatial planning interventions. A potential ecological network and human barriers in the EUSALP area.
Laner P, Omizzolo A, Favilli F (2024)

Conference: Forum Alpinum 2024 | Kranjska Gora | 12.6.2024 - 14.6.2024

Landscape planning in the Alps
Laner P, Favilli F (2023)

Conference: Exchange with the faculty for landscape architecture from the Weihenstephan Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences | Bolzano | 10.8.2023 - 10.8.2023

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