A model of Civic Centres for Carnia's Inner Areas

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The Local Strategy for the "Future of Upper Carnia", is part of the broader "National Strategy for Inner Areas" and provides "a series of interventions to contrast the marginalization and demographic decline of the most peripheral areas of the Carnic territory by supporting their socio-economic systems with long-term planning". One of the action lines (Action 4) is: "A school for the territory: identity, citizenship, skills", aims to strengthen the educational offer in order to meet the territorial vocations and continuing education for adults. These activities, along with others to be identified during the research, will be carried out in specific Civic Centers specifically established in abandoned municipal school sites). Therefore, the research project aims at the participatory elaboration of a first program of activities, with an indicative duration of 12 months, to be carried out in the Civic Centers, through techniques and tools that aim at community empowerment, i.e. focused on strengthening the active participation of communities (especially young adults) in the promotion of social and economic well-being of their territory. Finally, the aim is to build a model of Civic Centres valid for the internal areas of Carnia but potentially replicable in other Italian internal areas.

Carnia Civic Center
Omizzolo A (2021)

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