Franciacorta Destination Development

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  • Total project budget: €5,000.00
  • Institute: Institute for Regional Development

The area of ​​Franciacorta is located in the provinces of Brescia and Bergamo and offers various attraction points such as wine, the Iseo lake, golf, culinary and cultural offerings as well as historic towns, Further, the area is internationally well connected via Milan/Bergamo airport, nevertheless, this region is hardly recognized as holiday region on the international market. The local stakeholders have set for a long time in the wine industry as a driving force for tourism development, but as a result this approach has not been able to post any appreciable success. For just as the region itself is also the wine: the ‚Franciacorta‘ wines are international hardly established and over 80% of production is settled domestically and most of them in the region of Lombardy.

From this situation, local entrepreneurs and media representatives have joined forces to form an association (Associazione Franciacorta) and commissioned the EURAC to develop the region to become a destination by following a step-by-step approach.

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