Human-Nature Interactions and Impacts of Tourist Activities on Protected Areas

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HUMANITA answers to the need underlined by the Central Europe Programme by assisting PA managers in Central Europe (CE) and other stakeholders (ie. the tourism industry)in the management of protected areas, developing tourism in a sustainable fashion while respecting nature conservation. PAs will work together with local stakeholders, and the local population towards a more effective and harmonized management of the shared natural heritage, preservation, and promotion of the common cultural values and tourist attractiveness of the project area. The harmonization of monitoring and research methodologies and the development and implementation of environmental policies, among the involved countries will facilitate sharing of biodiversity research results, development of common databases, prevent human-nature conflicts and negative impacts on nature and support the livelihood of local people and communities.

Report on good-practice examples to monitor environmental impacts of tourism inside protected areas
Schmalzl L, Kieliszek Z (2023)
Villach: Carinthia University of Applied Sciences
Project Partners
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    University of Parma

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    Tuscan-Emilian Apennine National Park

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    University of Zilina

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    Carinthia UAS - non-profit limited liability company

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    Administration of National Park Malá Fatra

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    Bükk National Park Directorate

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    Public Institution Kamenjak

  • null

    CEEweb for Biodiversity

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    EGTC Geopark Karawanken/Karawanke

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