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Many marginal mountain areas need innovative strategies and actions to tackle their depopulation and improve the quality of life of their inhabitants.  "Montagne Vitali" is an experimental project aimed at creating a strategic planning path to support small peripheral mountain areas. The whole Tre Ville community (Province of Trento) is involved in rethinking its future in a shared and ecologically sustainable way, starting from the definition of local opportunities and issues. The path foresees the start of the first concrete medium-long term projects and the definition of an all-round perspective for the regeneration and development of the territory.

Montagne Vitali a path of building a common vision and rethinking common spatial resources
Cutello G (2021)

Conference: Rural Commons Festival | Trentino in presence and Online | 21.5.2021 - 6.6.2021

Montagne Vitali official website
Omizzolo A, Cutello G, Maino F (2021)

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Verso lo sviluppo strategico di Tre Ville (TN): temi, strategie, azioni, progetti.
Maino F, Omizzolo A, Cutello G, Benatti F, Provedel R (2021)
Bolzano: Eurac Research

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Cutello G (2020)
Cutello G (2020)
Bla Bla Mountains. Una fucina di idee ed energie giovani per aprire il dialogo tra città e montagna.
Maino F, Omizzolo A, Cutello G (2020)

Conference: Montagne attive | | 18.9.2020 - 18.9.2020

New strategies for Alpine mountain marginal areas development through the empowerment of local communities - the case studies of Seren del Grappa (Belluno, Italy) and Montagne Vitali (Trentino, Italy).
Cutello G, Maino F, Omizzolo A (2019)

Conference: Caucasus Mountain Forum 2019 | Ankara | 30.10.2019 - 1.11.2019

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