2° World Congress on Agritourism

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For the second time Eurac Research is promoting an international congress dedicated exclusively to the topic of agritourism in its head quarter in Bolzano. The aim of the initiative is to discuss the state-of-the-art and the future perspectives of this kind of rural tourism worldwide as well as the sustainability aspect regarding it. This event will streghten the global networking platform for researchers and practitioners and finally, promote agritourism unambiguously as a specific type of rural tourism.

For the second time, the World Congress on Agritourism acts as an international platform for scientists, practitioners, associations, stakeholders, businesses and other actors. The aim is to discuss the state-of-the-art, challenges, opportunities, and limitations of agritourism as well as future perspectives of this kind of tourism in rural areas worldwide. The 2024 edition is specifically dedicated to the agritourism´s contribution to sustainable development and/or challenges linked to its achievement on and off the farm. Agritourism represents a significant organisational and operational change of the farm´s management, economy and living environment.

The congress wants to explore the social, economic, and environmental transformations for the farm and its environment when offering agritourism. We also assume that Agritourism is more than experiencing agricultural products, farm life and overnight stays in farm buildings. It represents a unique cultural and interactive experience, an asset for keeping rural areas vital and maintain agricultural practices and small structured cultural landscapes. But does this represent the reality? 

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