24 March 23

Project iNEST - PNRR

Eurac Research within the iNEST project - Interconnected Nord-Est Innovation Ecosystem

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Eurac Research is represented in Spoke 1 "Ecosystems for mountain innovations" of iNEST with four institutes: Earth Observation, Alpine Environment, Mountain Emergency Medicine, and Renewable Energy.

The Overall energy-system modelling and e-mobility research group of our Institute is responsible for the research topics RT3A "Energy strategies" and RT3B "Logistics strategies". Within these topics, the researchers develop sustainable and renewable solutions for energy supply, distribution, and energy savings in mountain areas to achieve carbon neutrality by 2040 through the application of energy system modeling approaches. A further focus is on developing sustainable mobility solutions for improved transport and logistics systems in mountain areas.

Also the research group on energy retrofit of historic buildings is involved in the project with the study of the specific energy refurbishment solutions for historical buildings in the mountain regions considered in the iNEST project, with particular care for the identification of those measures based on local and traditional technologies and materials and their hygrothermal as well life cycle carbon performance.

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