HIBERtool - Historic Building Energy Retrofit Tool

HiBERtool gives the possibility to explore and find different solutions for the energy-efficient retrofit of historical buildings. The tool documents solutions for windows, walls, ventilation, heating and solar.

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Good retrofit solutions for historic buildings

HIBERtool collects and documents good retrofit solutions for historic buildings. This large selection is made accessible to end-users via a guidance with decision tree asking specifications of the building and leading to a collection of potentially feasible solutions. The user is provided with PDFs of suitable solutions explaining the solution itself, the context it is used, the advantages and disadvantages and the performance.


The tool was released for the first time in September 2019 as a common development of two research projects, both coordinated by Eurac Research: The European Interreg Alpine Space project “ATLAS”, co-funded by the European Union, and the “IEA-SHC Task 59” within the Solar Heating and Cooling program (SHC) of the International Energy Agency (IEA).

In parallel to this tool, the two research projects developed also the best practice database HiBERatlas a free and accessible online database, which shows best-practice examples of historic buildings energy retrofit.


  • different solutions for windows, walls, ventilation, heating and solar
  • filters only the solutions that are interesting for your retrofit project
  • download of the final documentation as a PDF
  • link to the complete practice example to get more ideas and inspiration
  • general technical information available for the respective topics


Free access and use Link



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HiBERtool gives the possibility to explore and find different solutions for the energy-efficient retrofit of historical ...

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