Martino Gubert

Martino Gubert

Martino Gubert

Institute for Renewable Energy

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I am a dynamic, positive, and enthusiastic person. Always ready to put into practice the experience, both academic and professional, gained in the construction sector. I am a civil engineer as a background, specialized in sustainable construction thanks to a two-year specific diploma, Erasmum experience in Poland and Scotland, numerous internships in construction companies, site manager for environmental green works, employee in the innovation area for the development of new business models in the world of construction. Currently building commissioner of the municipalities of DRO and DRENA (in Trento province).

Arrived in 2019 in Eurac Research, I deal with the development of technologies for the building envelope with circular and sustainable approach, "bio-based" components and materials, focus on Life Cycle and End of Life approach. I believe in alternative mobility, in digitalisation for the use and service of the user, in sustainable construction in all its aspects and in the imminent need for a change of course in the fight against climate change.


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ATTENTION - Improving the zero waste processes in the building construction sector

Duration: - Funding:
Italy-Austria 2021-2027 (EUTC / EU funding / Project)