EU FESR Legnattivo - Modular and active facades supporting structures for the retrofit of existing buildings

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  • Project duration: December 2018 - December 2021
  • Project status:
    Approval by the Scientific Committee
  • Funding:
    FESR (EU funding / Project)
  • Total project budget: €444,965.24

The project FESR Legnattivo, coordinated by Eurac Research in collaboration with partners Fraunhofer Italia and Atrium, aims to develop retrofit solutions on the European sites and, specifically, to respond to the “Piano Clima 2050” (Climate Plan 2050”) of the Province of Bozen.

In particular, the project´s goal is to develop retrofit façade technologies for the energy renovation of residential buildings by implementing the concepts of prefabrication and industrialization which substantially reduce the time on site. The aim is to minimize waste in the production phase and to minimize possible critical issues related to the installation of the technologies, which are assembled in the factory.

The application of the façade modules developed in Legnattivo also aims to make the renovated buildings reach high energy standards and internal comfort for users, thanks to the use and integration of plant components, such as PV panels, ventilation machines and solar radiation control systems.

The prefabricated façade modules, once arrived on site, can perfectly cover the existing building, and, through a single intervention, allow to significantly extend the useful service life of the envelope. This solution greatly improves the envelope´s performance.

The technology proposed by Legnattivo consists of a load-bearing structure in wood, a material traditionally present in the local production chain in South Tyrol and which allows for significant functional and constructive flexibility. The choice of this typology satisfies the requirements of high replicability and adaptability which are among the key points to promote a massive process of retrofit interventions for buildings.

In addition, to support and optimize this technological solution, particular attention was paid to the economic aspects of the intervention, analyzing the retrofit process using the Life Cycle Cost method.

The Legnattivo research project has also collaborated with the Bergamo-based company Marlegno, as regards the support for the design of prototypes of multifunctional prefabricated wooden façades. The objective of the experimental campaign is to evaluate the performance and functionality of the facade modules, analyze the integration of the active components from the thermo-hygrometric point of view, and optimize the structure and configuration of the modules.

The project has been funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) under the 2018 call for proposals- Priority Axis 1 "Research and Innovation". Budget of the project: EUR 444,965.24.

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