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INFINITE aims at increasing the market penetration of industrialized all-in building envelope kits for the deep renovation, as competitive, reliable, stakeholders-accepted and life-cycle-based sustainable approach contributing to decarbonization of the EU building stock. INFINITE will work to narrow the gap towards the full adoption of an industrialized renovation approach developing a set of multi-user and multi-disciplinary tools, and all-in-one industrialised envelope technologies, based on robust business, meeting the demand side requirements, by keeping the focus on final users and all the stakeholders in the value-chain. Thanks to INFINITE, EU construction sector can take the chance to move forward towards a long-lasting decarbonisation of the building stock, exploiting the advantages of the “Renovation4.0”  industrialisation + digitalisation) as new generation of industrialised renovation process. Demo-cases can validate the mentioned Renovation4.0 approach, while the consortium already well-established commercial channels in EU that will facilitate an extensive replication potential and effective results exploitation. 

Nuovi strumenti per la valutazione delle prestazioni energetiche più vicine all'utilizzo reale degli edifici
Antonucci D, Ciolli V, Lollini R, Pozza C (2024)

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Opaque Coloured Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV): A Review of Models and Simulation Frameworks for Performance Optimisation
Pelle M, Causone F, Maturi L, Moser D (2023)
Journal article

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Facciate prefabbricate multifunzionali in legno per la riqualificazione degli edifici

Pinotti R (2023)

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Comparative cost analysis of traditional and industrialised deep retrofit scenarios for a residential building
Gubert M, Avesani S, Ngoyaro JA, Juaristi Gutierrez M, Pinotti R, Brandolini D (2023)
Stichting OpenAccess Foundation
Journal article
Journal of Facade Design and Engineering

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Il ruolo delle facciate attive nella transizione energetica
Avesani S, Galeazzi L, Gubert M, Maturi L, Pelle M (2023)

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Overcoming the main barriers to the uptake of building retrofit through an industrialised approach
Pinotti R (2022)

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A Simple Guide for Designing a Photovoltaic and Battery System Coupled with a Heat Pump Across Europe
Dallapiccola M, Adami J, Moser D (2022)
Conference proceedings article

Conference: WCPEC-8 | Milan | 26.9.2022 - 30.9.2022

Energy performance evaluation and economical analysis by means of simulation activities for a renovated building reaching different nZEB definitions targets
Gazzin R, Adami J, Dallapiccola M, Brandolini D, Juaristi Gutierrez M, Bonato P, Gubert M, Avesani S (2022)
Conference proceedings article

Conference: 5th Building Simulation Applications Conference, IBPSA 2022 | Bolzano | 29.6.2022 - 1.7.2022

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Building stock analysis to support industrialised deep retrofit
Ortega L, Jareño C, Sanz D, Avesani S, Peasso G, Vetršek J, Stropnik R, Zavratnik V, Lignarolo L, Di Maggio M, op 't Veld P, Di Noi C, Stanghini C, Dal Mas M, Miorin T, Mühlbauer I, Brassier P
INFINITE Building Renovation

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Experimental Assessment and Data Analysis of Colored Photovoltaic in the Field of BIPV Technology Application
Roverso R, Pelle M, Dallapiccola M, Astigarraga A, Lucchi E, Ingenhoven P, Maturi L (2021)
Conference proceedings article

Conference: 38th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition | online | 6.9.2021 - 10.9.2021

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