EU H2020 STARDUST - Holistic and integrated urban model for smart cities

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STARDUST is an EU Horizon 2020 Smart Cities project, which brings together advanced European cities, thus forming into a constellation of “innovation islands” – exemplary models of smart, highly efficient, intelligent and citizen-oriented cities.
Technical green solutions and innovative non-technical solutions will be implemented and validated, enabling them to be bankable and replicable for other cities. Indeed, STARDUST will lighten up the path for cities to relish a more sustainable livelihood by interweaving innovation and imagination at your fingertips.

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Gamified learning in Trento
Caballero N, Galeazzi L (2023)

More information:

Moderation of the workshop and presentation of the Stardust project
Gantioler S, Tomasi S (2021)

Conference: STARDUST Entrepreneurial Discovery Process (EDP)| Future priorities for an evolving Smart City innovation ecosystem. A common workshop | online : 21.5.2021 - 21.5.2021

Can Behaviorally Informed Urban Living Labs Foster the Energy Transition in Cities?
Della Valle N, Gantioler S, Tomasi S (2021)
Journal article
Frontiers in Sustainable Cities

More information: ...

I progetti “Smart Energy City” a Bolzano e a Trento. Come si trasforma la città
Vettorato D (2019)
Journal article
Urban Tracks – Sentieri urbani

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