EDIS - CUREDI: Diversità culturale e religiosa nell'Unione Europea

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CUREDI, an initiative of the Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology, aims at establishing a database that brings together in a standardized and searchable format data relating to cultural and religious diversity drawn from case law, legislation and regulations, public documents and policies from across the Member States of the EU. The project focuses in particular on the legal reasoning that is followed – in a court decision, a bill, an administrative decision, etc. – and that leads either to the granting or to the rejection of a claim of recognition of minority rights.

The team involved from the Institute for Minority Rights contributes to the project by covering the thematic field of "Protection of religious minorities in Europe: the individual and the collective dimensions". Team members therefore identify and analyse relevant judgments and decisions on the national and sub-national level of European countries but also on the supra-national level (ECtHR, ECJ) which specifically deal with access to legal recognition for religious minorities.

Italian Constitutional Court Judgement 170/2010
(Judgment on the approach of the Italian Constitutional Court towards the issue of protected and protectable linguistic minorities in the country)
Zeba M (2022)

Conference: CUREDI Annual Workshop 2022 | Berlin | 11.7.2022 - 12.7.2022

The evolution of access to legal recognition of religious minorities in the jurisprudence of the ECtHR

Wonisch K, Constantin S (2021)

Conference: CUREDI Annual Workshop 2021 | Halle/Saale | 2.12.2021 - 3.12.2021

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Autonomia culturale e territoriale

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