Giacomo Bertoldi

Giacomo Bertoldi

Giacomo Bertoldi

Senior Researcher
Institute for Alpine Environment

T 413 550 1740 93+


Hydrology: distributed numerical modeling, land surface interactions, evaporation and soil moisture estimation, catchment hydrology, flood forecasting and management, snow processes, landslides and debris flows. Ecology: eco hydrology, dynamic vegetation models, plants physiology. Remote sensing: use of remote sensing data for distributed eco – hydrological models. Hydrometeorology: atmospheric boundary layer physics, computational fluid dynamic, turbulence modeling. Geomorphology: Geographic Information Systems (GIS), catchments morphology. Statistics: management of experimental and hydro-meteorological datasets, time-series analysis, spatial interpolation techniques.


1 - 14


Catalogo comune per dati climatici

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Internal funding EURAC (Project)

MAGAZINE Science Stories that Inspire


4.000 pagine di dati meteorologici storici digitalizzati grazie a dieci scuole

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Il canto del cigno della Terra

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Poca neve, poca pioggia e troppo caldo

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