Klimasmarte Landwirtschaft

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Vineyards and apple orchards are among the most profitable crops in South Tyrol, but they are also very sensitive to changes in environmental and climatic conditions. This is of major concern, especially because climate change is accelerating and sound adaptation strategies in support of farmers, the agro-businesses, and policymakers are largely missing. In the ClimSmart project we will make use of the latest high-resolution climate data, apply advanced analytical methods, and use state of the art computational intelligence to i) highlight the impacts of climate change on apple orchards and vineyards; ii) identify targeted adaptation measures; and iii) feed the acquired information into the KULTIVAS decision-support platform for better-informed decisions. The combined use of this information will provide new insights into the impacts of climate change and help define adaption strategies that contribute to build a more competitive, sustainable, and climate-resilient agricultural sector.

Project Partners
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  • Konverto AG