EO4Andes Nutzung der Eurac-Schneeüberwachungsmethoden für die Bewertung des Beitrags der Schneeschmelze in den Einzugsgebieten der Anden

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  • Project duration: -
  • Project status: finished
  • Funding:
    Internal funding EURAC (Project)
  • Institute: Institut für Erdbeobachtung

This internal project aims at transferring the large knowledge acquired in the application of the Eurac methods for snow monitoring using satellite images outside the South Tyrol, from where the testing catchments are generally selected. In particular, the application of remote sensing methods is especially useful to derive SWE information over inaccessible snow driven catchments. The proper monitor of such catchments is of vital importance for the proactive management of the water consumption in several south American catchments in the Andes. Indeed, vast cities with millions of inhabitants and wild environment require specific conservation strategies that can only be taken after the analysis of accurate hydrological information.

In this project we calculate the maps of SWE for the last 5 years over some catchments in the Andes at a resolution of 100 meters. These maps are used to estimate the river discharge due to snow melt. We expect that some of the catchments are strongly dependent on the snowfall for water availability. Dedicated hydrological studies on such catchments are used to draw possible future scenarios indicating the potential threats for which mitigation strategies can be adopted.

Contact person: carlo.marin@eurac.edu