Beirut Mummy Project

National Museum of Lebanon, Beirut Mummy Study Project

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  • Institute: Institut für Mumienforschung

This project proposal presents a multidisciplinary work (archaeology, conservation, physical anthropology, paleopathology, geochemistry and molecular anthropology) started in collaboration with the General Directorate of Antiquities of Lebanon (DGA). Indeed, on September 1st 2016, this project has been included in a protocol of agreement undersigned by DGA and Eurac.

Eight medieval mummies discovered in the cave of Assi El Hadath Grotto (Lebanon), preserved and on display at the National Museum of Lebanon in Beirut will be scientifically investigated with the aim to:

1) evaluate the conservation conditions of the mummies housed in the museum archives and to restore the human remains, now displayed in the new museal exhibition.

2) reconstruct the biological and paleopathological profiles of these individuals and possibly of additional human remains found in the same cave as the mummies,

3) possibly insight the origin, kinship and dietary habits of these individuals.  

The interdisciplinary dialogue will give support to a deeper understanding of medieval Lebanon history and of the necropolis of the Assi El Hadath Grotto (of partner’s competence).

Beside the scientific purposes, the project has a social impact. The obtained results will indeed open the possibility to involve Lebanese researchers (archaeologists, anthropologists and museum personnel) for training purposes. The scope would be to develop an on-site knowledge for a suitable, future conservation and study of these mummies.

Revealing the “Maronite mummies” of Assi el Hadath Cave (Lebanon)
Zingale S, Paladin A, Moroder L, Alam N, Afeiche AM, Coia V, Zink A, Samadelli M (2022)

Conference: 10th World Congress on Mummy Studies | Bolzano | 5.9.2022 - 9.9.2022

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