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Discourses about climate change and other crises

Water-related conflicts in the face of climate change

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Project description

Climate change impacts water resources, leading to water scarcity, droughts, heatwaves, and fires in countries like Spain, Greece, Portugal, and Italy. South Tyrol also faces localized water shortages, indicating potential conflicts over resource utilization. This research project examines how the local media frames water-related issues in the context of the climate crisis.

By analysing discourses, narratives, and imaginaries surrounding water resource conflicts, the study explores the role of different actors, identifies potential conflicts, and examines the role of the climate crisis within the communication. The daily South Tyrolean Rai news broadcasts are the primary data source for our study, as news broadcasts in Italy generally serve as one of the most important sources of information on environmental issues, as affirmed by Eurobarometer, a series of surveys conducted by the European Commission to gauge public opinion on various social, economic, and political issues in European Union member countries.

Data will be analysed using critical discourse analysis and visual analysis.The project aims to enhance understanding of the role of water in climate change and social conflicts within the South Tyrolean multimodal media discourse. Findings will support policymakers, activists, and interest groups in addressing water-related issues and contribute to scientific literature, serving as a foundation for future research.

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