Ambition Habitat South Tyrol - On the way to a new tourism culture

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Project description

The research project aims to outline a scientific basis for regional tourism development in South Tyrol 2030+ and concrete indications for tourism policies oriented towards sustainable, landscape-friendly, and balanced development.

In addition to the intersection of a wide variety of sectors, such as economic, social, cultural, and educational policy, a decisive role in this context is played by spatial planning policies and laws for landscape protection and enhancement, spatial development, and land use limitation. The scientific basis for tourism development is therefore elaborated taking into account the spatial planning regulations defined and adopted in Provincial Law 9/2018 "Space and Landscape".

Specifically, an overview of the current situation of tourism in South Tyrol is outlined, analysing data and studies from various sources. Furthermore, an analysis of South Tyrol's tourism policies is carried out, and then a normative target scenario for tourism 2030+ is formulated. Subsequently, the attention is focused on tourism governance, and municipalities are categorised through a tourism development analysis based on local spatial planning. Within this project, the development of an innovative monitoring tool to observe tourism development is also addressed. The project concludes with indications for the region and the municipalities, that can be defined at the provincial level and serve as a basis to develop municipal tourism development strategies.

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"Tourism can only succeed if it is supported by the population."

Under the title "Ambition Habitat South Tyrol - On the way to a new tourism culture", an interdisciplinary research team from Eurac Research has elaborated the scientific basis for the provincial tourism development concept. Closely linked to the regional planning of the province and with a special focus on the local population, the concept provides for the first time a standardised and data-based foundation for measuring, monitoring and controlling tourism development in South Tyrol.


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Scientific Output

Landestourismusentwicklungskonzept 2030+

Ambition Lebensraum Südtirol. Auf dem Weg zu einer neuen Tourismuskultur

Authors: Harald Pechlaner, Elisa Innerhofer, Mirjam Gruber, Anna Scuttari, Maximilian Walder, Daria Habicher, Silvia Gigante, Michael Volgger, Philipp Corradini, Peter Laner, Heiko von der Gracht, 2022
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