Sustainability and climate change

Survey conducted by Eurac Research and the Provincial Institute of Statistics ASTAT

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Project description

The survey on "Climate Change and Sustainability" is a cooperation between Eurac Research and the Regional Institute for Statistics ASTAT and was conducted for the first time as part of the ASTAT panel "So denkt Südtirol / Così pensa l’Alto Adige". The ASTAT panel was launched in 2022 and offers a good opportunity to have statistical data on a wide range of topics available at short notice. The survey was conducted on the basis of a random sample and therefore allows conclusions to be drawn about the population as a whole. About 1,300 citizens of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano - South Tyrol were asked in June 2022 about their assessments, views and behaviours with regard to climate change, climate protection and sustainability.

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Survey: South Tyroleans wish for more climate protection and social justice

South Tyrol should do more for climate protection. To be more precise: politicians should put climate change mitigation measures ahead of economic interests. This is the opinion of the majority of around 1,300 South Tyroleans who were asked about their assessments, views and behaviour in relation to climate change, climate protection and sustainability as part of a survey by Eurac Research and the Provincial Institute for Statistics ASTAT.
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