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China and the New Silk Road

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Project description

The Chinese project “Belt and Road Initiative – (BRI)” is the largest development program of its kind worldwide. China is investing heavily in the network of trade routes overland, over sea and in the air. The project highlights China’s ambition to intensify collaboration with Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa. What does this development mean for countries and their regions along the Silk Road? Which aspects have to be considered in regard to this project, especially for politics and economy? What are the economic prospects and opportunities of this cooperation and connectivity? What are the challenges and risks arisen from the New Silk Road initiative?

The aim of the project at the Center for Advanced Studies is to illuminate the initiative of the New Silk Road from new and different perspectives especially focusing on the regional and local level. The collection of different articles by scientists from different disciplines is intended to create an inter- and transdisciplinary overall picture of a global project and its regional and local effects. Based on our own research in Georgia and the launch of a platform on China and the New Silk Road through the organization of two conferences in Italy and Germany, the editors have built up their own expertise and a network of experts on the topic.

Scientific Output

Publications and articles

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China and the New Silk Road

Challenges and Impacts on the Regional and Local Level

Authors: Harald Pechlaner, Greta Erschbamer, Hannes Thees, Mirjam Gruber, 2020
Full text availability: Springer

Manske-Wang Wei Restart China© Victoriano Izquierdo on Unsplash

Mühsamer Restart

Wie China seine Tourismusbranche wieder hochfährt

Author: Wei Manske-Wang, 2020
Full text availability: Blog

Abstract, blurry, out of focus image for media and internet. The concept of control and prevention with the coronavirus growing epidemic in the world. Production of antivirus masks.© Adobe Stock/afishman64

Corona: Krönung Chinas zur Weltmacht?

Die Maskendiplomatie Chinas und die neue Seidenstraße der Gesundheit

Authors: Wei Manske-Wang, Harald Pechlaner, 2020
Full text availability: Blog

© AFP/Getty Images

Is the Silk Road a Road of Fear?

Challenges of Global Tranformation

Author: Harald Pechlaner, 2020
Full text availability: global-e

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Local service industry and tourism developement through the global trade and infrastructure project of the New Silk Road

The example of Georgia

Authors: Harald Pechlaner, Hannes Thees, Wei Manske-Wang, Anna Scuttari, 2018
Full text availability: Article


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​International Conference: China and the New Silk Road

Which consequences on the regional level? 31 May 2018, NOI Techpark | What are the challenges and risks of the New Silk Road Initiative? The aim of the conference was to discuss the development of the New Silk Road and to highlight the related political, economic and cultural implications for European regions and their stakeholders. MORE