Language, Region, Identity

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The colloquium aims to foster scientific exchanges within the Alpine region and beyond. It is specifically targeted at young researchers (PhD students and post-docs). The colloquia, jointly organised by six universities and research centres in Austria, Germany, Italy, and Switzerland, intend to offer a forum for discussing current and recently concluded projects. The yearly editions are organised around three keywords: language, region and identity. The different languages and language varieties that we speak, together with the place where we were born, grew up and where we live, are in fact important and interdependent factors that make up our identity. In language interactions, these factors play a key role in the processes of distinguishing and identifying with other interlocutors. The colloquia intend to offer a forum for discussing current and recently concluded projects concerning these aspects.

Each Linguistic Colloquium workshop has a specific topic of interest. In the previous years, the topics were:

  • Language, region and identity in computer-mediated communication (2014, Merano)
  • Language, region and identity in communication at schools (2015, Merano)
  • Language, region and identity in secondary and tertiary education (2016, Innsbruck)
  • Language policy, language use, language standard (2018, Merano)
  • Writing and written language in every day life (2019, Merano)
Each workshop is usually framed by two invited speakers:
  • Thomas Krefeld (University of Munich) - 2014
  • Christa Dürscheid (University of Zurich) - 2014
  • Claudia Maria Riehl (University of Munich) - 2015
  • Monika Dannerer (University of Innsbruck) - 2015
  • Brigitta Busch (University of Vienna) - 2016
  • Regula Schmidlin (University of Fribourg) - 2016
  • Andrea Ender (University of Salzburg) - 2018
  • Christoph Purschke (University of Luxembourg) - 2018
  • Barbara Soukup (Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna) - 2019
  • Federica Guerini (University of Bergamo) - 2019

Further information can be found on the LRI website: