Zeit.shift – On a digital journey into yesterday's future: preserving Tyrol's cultural text heritage while making it accessible and known.

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The aim of the project is the cross-border institutional cooperation for the sustainable preservation, development and communication of the cultural text heritage of the historical region Tyrol. The example of historical newspapers are prototypically used as they are imminently threatened by decay.

Through cross-border digitisation and communication strategies in close cooperation between the Dr. Friedrich Tessmann Library, the University and Regional Library Tyrol, and Eurac Research, these physically and regionally scattered text collections are for the first time brought together virtually in a single web platform and processed in a user-oriented manner using computer linguistic approaches. 

A main focus of the project is the active involvement of the public, which is invited to actively participate in the text indexing through online annotations of the text material. Thus, the users are introduced to historical text sources and made familiar with their own cultural heritage.

Citizen Humanities in Tyrol: A case study on historical newspapers
Franzini G, Stemle EW, Lyding V, Abel A, Andresen J, Pircher K, Gstrein S, Laner B, Walcher J, Horwath M, Koessler C (2022)
Conference proceedings article

Conference: Annual Conference of the Italian Association of Digital Humanities 2022 | Lecce | 1.6.2022 - 3.6.2022

More information: http://amsacta.unibo.it/6848/



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