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Cross-border cooperation is one of the key topics in federalism studies, particularly in local contexts such as the Autonomous Province of Bolzano. For this reason, the Institute has been conducting comparative research and publishing on CBC over the last years. Since 2012, the research focus allows to be the centre of expertise for the local administration and politicians but also for the international scientific community.

In 2006, the EU introduced the new and ambitious legal instrument “European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation" EGTC (then modified in 2013), which widens the possibilities for cross-border cooperation. In 2011 the Statute of the EGTC "European Region Tyrol-South Tyrol-Trentino” was approved.

The research project studies from a comparative legal standpoint whether and in what terms the EGTC "European Region Tyrol-South Tyrol-Trentino” has expanded and improved the already existing collaboration in the Brenner area at the border between Austria and Italy. The analyses focusses, for example, on the objectives and tasks listed in the EGTC Statute which clearly show that the EGTC can exercise more competences than the Autonomous Region Trentino-South Tyrol.

The comparative method allows for a deeper insight in other EGTCs in Europe, some of them located in a similar ethnic sensitive area like the local reality. Indeed, while, in the past, CBC was applied in such minority territories as an instrument for a soft reunification with the kin-state, today the EGTC defines as its priority the economic, cultural and social development of the interested area. Another crucial research question: Is the framework of an EGTC a potential setting for new forms of governance and institutional innovation (such as direct democracy and democratic participation)? The project thus presents linkages with the activities of another research area of the institute, namely “Institutional innovation”.

The Institute carries out also research on the topic of crossborder cooperation in the health sector, particularly in the Brenner area, being part of the Italian Network for Crossborder Cooperation the health sector (RI-COST) coordinated by ISSIRFA-CNR (Rome).

The Institute regularly collaborates with the common office of the EGTC "European Region Tyrol-South Tyrol-Trentino" based in EURAC.

Some activities:

La cooperazione sanitaria transfrontaliera nell'area del Brennero: stato dell'arte e sfide future
Parolari S (2023)

Conference: XLIV Conferenza annuale AISRE "Europa e Mediterraneo tra transizioni e conflitti. Opportunità e rischi per regioni e territori | Napoli | 6.9.2023 - 9.9.2023

Introduzione "Integrazione europea. La cooperazione transfrontaliera di tre territori"
Parolari S (2022)

Conference: Webinar "Coesione territoriale. Mobilità e cambiamento climatico" | Online | 21.2.2022 - 21.2.2022

Introduzione e moderazione [Sessione Mobility and Climate change]
Parolari S (2022)

Conference: European integration and cross-border cooperation | Trento | 13.6.2022 - 13.6.2022

La cooperazione transfrontaliera nell'area del Brennero: l'ambito sanitario
Parolari S (2022)
Contribution in book
La cooperazione sanitaria transfrontaliera: sfide ed esperienze
Verso una rete italiana per la cooperazione sanitaria transfrontaliera: il caso dell' Euregio
Parolari S (2021)

Conference: Verso una rete italiana per la cooperazione italiana transfrontaliera | Online | 29.4.2021 - 29.4.2021

Transnationale Formen der Partizipation in grenzüberschreitenden Regionen
Zwilling C (2017)

Conference: Partizipation und Governance - Herausforderungen und neue Ansätze in Politik, Recht und Praxis | Bozen | 25.9.2017 - 27.9.2017

Grenzüberschreitende Kooperation im Mehrebenensystem des Alpenraums: Implikationen für den Tourismus
Zwilling C, Klotz G (2017)
Contribution in book
Tourismus und Multi-Level-Governance im Alpenraum

Malloy TH, Popova Z, Wolf S, Boulter C, Woelk J, Zwilling C, Klotz G, Engl A, Bagdasarova N (2016)
Flensburg: ECMI

More information: ...

Grenzüberschreitende Zusammenarbeit von Gemeinden in der Europaregion
Zwilling C, Mitterhofer J (2016)
Journal article
Politika. Südtiroler Jahrbuch für Politik = Annuario di politica dell'Alto Adige = Anuer de pulitica di Südtirol

Cross-Border Cooperation and its Potential for Minorities in Selected Border Regions of OSCE Member States
Zwilling C, Woelk J, Klotz G, Engl A (2016)

More information: ...

Functional and more?: New potential for the European grouping of territorial cooperation - EGTC
Engl A, Zwilling C (2014)
Bolzano: Eurac Research
(EURAC book)
Edited book

Gemeinden und grenzüberschreitende Zusammenarbeit: neue Chancen durch den Europäischen Verbund territorialer Zusammenarbeit
Zwilling C, Engl A (2014)
Contribution in book
Gemeinden im Europäischen Mehrebenensystem: Herausforderungen im 21. Jahrhundert

Herausforderungen für den Brennerraum: Der Europäische Verbund für territoriale Zusammenarbeit (EVTZ) Europaregion Tirol-Südtirol-Trentino
Zwilling C, Engl E (2013)
Contribution in book
Politik in Tirol – Jahrbuch 2013

Federalismo fiscale e autonomie territoriali: lo stato dell' arte nell' Euregio Tirolo - Alto Adige/Südtirol - Trentino
Palermo F, Parolari S, Valdesalici A (2013)
Padova: Cedam
(Ius publicum europaeum)
Edited book

Il GECT “EUREGIO Tirolo-Alto Adige-Trentino”: il quadro giuridico di riferimento tra dimensione domestica ed internazionale
Zwilling C, Engl A (2013)
Contribution in book
Federalismo fiscale e autonomie territoriali: lo stato dell' arte nell' Euregio Tirolo - Alto Adige/Südtirol - Trentino

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