2b/2023 Legitimate Crisis Governance in Multilevel Systems

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    Excellence Science (Horizon 2020 /EU funding /Project)

Aiming at answering the research question: “Which conditions contribute to democratically legitimate crisis governance?”, LEGITIMULT assesses all measures taken by 31 European countries in relation to their impact on multilevel governance, through the creation of a new dataset highlighting how these procedures link to multiple orders of governance – WHO and EU above the states, and regional and local governments below the national level. Looking at a number of dimensions, LEGITIMULT qualifies the different trade-offs required in order to effectively and quickly deal with a crisis such as Covid-19, while at the same time maintaining a level of democratic governance and ensuring that any limitations to democratic standards are limited. These final trade-offs within and between the different dimensions of democratic governance in crisis management, are gathered in a set of policy recommendations, tailored to different recipients, and developed through extensive consultation with stakeholder groups throughout the project.

Effective responses and managing risks
Malfertheiner P (2023)

Conference: SGD 16 Conference - SDG 16 as a compass for navigating intersecting crises | Rome | 30.5.2023 - 1.6.2023

More information: https://www.idlo.int/SDG16Conference2023

Project Partners

University of Zagreb

Institute for Ethnic Studies Ljubljana

University of Antwerp

The National Distance Education University

International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance

The Forum of Federations

University of Leiden

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1 - 10

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6a/2023 Winter School on Federalism and Governance

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