EU H2020 IMPETUS - Dynamic information Management approach for the implementation of climate resilient adaptation packages in European Regions

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  • Project duration: September 2021 - September 2025
  • Project status: ongoing
  • Funding:
    Societal Challenge (Horizon 2020 /EU funding /Project)

As climate change progresses irrevocably, urgent measures are needed for building resilience and adaptive capacity. In the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, effective climate resilient regions cannot be built at expense of productive sectors, or without fair societal consensus. IMPETUS will develop and validate a coherent multi-scale, multi-level, cross-sectoral climate change adaptation framework to accelerate the transition towards a climate-neutral and sustainable economy. IMPETUS Resilience Knowledge Boosters (RKBs) will build a robust Quintuple Helix stakeholders community (human dimension) complemented with reliable data and assessment methods to support decision and policy making (digital dimension). This will result in a community empowerment to co-design, assess, deploy, and monitor climate adaptation Innovation Packages, including R&I methodological, technological, governance, awareness, behavioural, economic, financial and pathway components. IMPETUS RKBs will be deployed and validated in all 7 EU biogeographical regions (Continental, Coastal, Mediterranean, Atlantic, Arctic, Boreal, Mountainous) covering all Key Community Systems, climate threats, and multi-level governance. IMPETUS consortium is made of selected local, regional and national public authorities; R&D organisations; SMEs and large enterprises; and, international organisations, to build upon, upscale and demonstrate a wide range of R&D solutions. IMPETUS has a clear earmark to ensure continuity after the project lifetime through consolidated and interconnected RKBs and communities at different scales.

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Daniele Vettorato

Project manager

Valentina D'Alonzo

Vice project manager

Cristiana Losso

Project assistant

Fabio Carnelli

Post-Doc ResearcherInstitute for Earth Observation

Silvia Cocuccioni

ResearcherInstitute for Earth Observation


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