Iceman Conservation Project 2.0

Iceman Conservation Project 2.0 Study on the state of conservation and feasibility

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  • Institute: Institute for Mummy Studies

This project proposal aims to study, counsel and coordinate a feasibility research on a new concept of conservation for the Iceman mummy and its grave goods (clothing and equipment), which are on display at the South Tyrolean Museum of Archaeology, Bolzano, Italy

Reconsidering additional sources of ancient DNA
Sarhan MS, Samadelli M, Hotz G, Francken M, Zink A, Maixner F (2022)

Conference: 10th World Congress on Mummy Studies | Bolzano | 5.9.2022 - 9.9.2022

A First Assessment of the Conservation of the Mummified Human Remains in the Museo Egizio in Turin in the Framework of the “Mummy Conservation Project”
Samadelli M, Gregori G, Maixner F, Rossani M, Del Vesco P, Borla M, Paladin A, Wurst C, Sterflinger-Gleixner K, Voitl C, Cibin M, Thomas GS, Frohlich B, Thompson RC, Zink AR (2019)
Journal article
Rivista del Museo Egizio

More information:

The Eurac project
Zink A, Paladin A, Wurst C, Samadelli M, Mussauer A, Maixner F (2019)

Conference: Human Remains. Ethics, Conservation, Display | Torino | 30.9.2019 - 1.10.2019

Studies aimed at the preservation of the mummified remains of the Museo Egizio in the framework of Mummy Conservation Project
Gregori G, Rossani M, Del Vesco P, Borla M, Zink A, Paladin A, Wurst C, Maixner F, Cibin M, Sterflinger-Gleixner K, Pinar G, Samadelli M (2018)
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