Bioarcheological studies of mummified pre-Columbian remains from Bolivia. Understanding and preserving an important cultural heritage in the National Museum of Archaeology – MUNARQ in La Paz

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    Provincial P.-L.P. 14. Seal of Excellence (Province BZ funding / Project)

The present project represents the first systematic bioarchaeological study of mummified human remains from Bolivia. In this interdisciplinary project, I will combine the anthropological, archaeological, historical and genetic analysis of the mummy collection housed at the National Museum of Archaeology - MUNARQ in La Paz, in order to provide the scientifically best possible historical overview on this precious pre-Columbian remains. As a researcher trained in the paleogenetic research field (ancient DNA and populations genetics), I will work in direct collaboration with the EURAC-Research, Institute for Mummy Studies in Bolzano-Italy, aiming to combine our expertise in a unique platform to address fundamental questions in regards to the history and future preservation of this cultural heritage. Exploring the mummies with our holistic approach will provide present-day Bolivians precious information on their history helping to reflect the lifestyles of modern communities. Importantly, this project tries to implement the appropriate ethical guidelines for studying ancient human remains in Bolivia in order to preserve this material for future generations. Finally, with the results achieved in this project this cultural heritage will receive the public interest it deserves, and it will become an important part of the Bolivian history.

Atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease in mummies: A polygenic risk score based on a genetic enrichment approach
Wurst C, Maixner F, Valverde G, Tessmann B, Krause-Kyora B, Krause J, Del Vesco P, Helmbold-Doyé J, Hotz G, Thompson R, Zink A (2022)

Conference: 10th World Congress on Mummy Studies | Bolzano | 5.9.2022 - 9.9.2022

The Bolivian Mummy Project: Different lines of scientific evidence for the study of pre-Columbian mummies at Museums
Valverde G, Niederkofler J, Paladin A, Samadelli M, Castedo L, Maixner F, Zink A (2022)

Conference: 10th World Congress on Mummy Studies | Bolzano | 5.9.2022 - 9.9.2022

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