Kleinwald Monitoring

Monitoring of small-scale forest holders in South Tyrol - for collecting forest economic indicators

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  • Total project budget: €15,300.00

The research project "Monitoring of small-scale forest owners in South Tyrol" targets to establish a monitoring system for forest economic figures based on sample small-scaled forest farms. This for three years approved project enables in cooperation with the already existing small-scale forestry system in Austria an annual analysis for the participating farms. The expectation on that long-term orientated monitoring project for the South Tyrolean small-scale forestry is to create among the forest owners awareness to mobilize a bigger amount of timber and to manage the forests sustainably. Above all, the cross-company evaluation for the sector enables the small-scale forest owners to assess transparently their expenditures and revenues. Besides, the time-series data of the periodically determined forest economic parameters deliver a fundamental basis for decision-making on forest policy measures. These periodically elaborated statistics among small-scale forest holders, the cross-company evaluations and time-series data enable a benchmark comparison to depict potentials or deficits in the production processes.

Kleinwald: Monitoring 2017-2019 bei freiwillig buchführenden Betrieben in Südtirol

Hoffmann C (2021)


Conference: Nachhaltiger Wald | Brixen/Bressanone | 2.9.2021 - 2.9.2021

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Assessing the significance of forestry for the economy of combined agricultural-forest enterprises – experiences from Austria and Italy
Toscani P, Sekot W, Hoffmann C (2021)
Journal article
Austrian Journal of Forest Science

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The social and ecological value added of small-scale forestry to the Bio-Economy
Hoffmann C, Toscani P (2021)
Journal issue (editorship)
Austrian Journal of Forest Science

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The contribution of forestry to the Total Economy of Farm (TEoF): empirical evidences from North (A) and South Tyrol (I)
Hoffmann C, Sekot W, Toscani P (2020)

Conference: IUFRO Conference | Bolzano | 7.10.2020 - 8.10.2020


Kennzahlen für den Kleinwald
Hoffmann C, Brandner E, Toscani P (2019)
Journal article
Südtiroler Landwirt


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