BIPV meets history

EU ITA-CH BIPV meets history - Competitive value chain for viable BIPV in building renovation

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BIPV meets history
  • Project duration: May 2019 - August 2022
  • Project status:
    Approval by the Scientific Committee
  • Funding:
    Other EU Funding (EU funding / Project)
  • Total project budget: €641,905.00
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The project is carried out by EURAC Research (Italian project leader) and by the University of Applied Sciences of Italian Switzerland - SUPSI (Swiss project leader), and the Lombardy Region. A wide partnership of excellence, quality and innovation in the industrial sector in the Canton of Ticino completes the network, linking to the photovoltaic supply chain with companies such as SUNAGE and Solar Retrofit and with regional institutions such as the TicinoEnergia Association, that works in support of energy policy making, operating in the energy efficiency and renewable energy sectors.

Building integrated photovoltaic in heritage contexts award: an overview of best practices in Italy and Switzerland
Durante A, Lucchi E, Maturi L (2021)
Conference proceedings article

Conference: SBE21 - Sustainable Built Heritage | online | 14.4.2021 - 16.4.2021

More information:

Criteria for building types selection in preserved areas to pre-assess the Building Integrated Photovoltaics solar potential: The case study of Como land area
Peluchetti A, Guazzi G, Lucchi E, Dall’Orto I, Polo López CS (2021)
Conference proceedings article

Conference: SBE21 - Sustainable Built Heritage | online | 14.4.2021 - 16.4.2021

More information:

Risk-Benefit Assessment Scheme for Renewable Solar Solutions in Traditional and Historic Buildings
Polo López CS, Lucchi E, Leonardi E, Durante A, Schmidt A, Curtis R (2021)
Journal article

More information:

Contesti tutelati: come far quadrare i conti
Pelle M (2021)

Conference: IndustryApero BIPV meets history | Magré | 23.9.2021 - 23.9.2021

Paesaggi e architetture solari in contesti di pregio
Lucchi E (2021)

Conference: IndustryApero BIPV meets history | Magré | 23.9.2021 - 23.9.2021

Un futuro solare per l'Italia
Moser D (2021)

Conference: IndustryApero BIPV meets history | Magré | 23.9.2021 - 23.9.2021

Towards integrating occupant behaviour modelling in simulation-aided building design: Reasons, challenges and solutions
Mahecha Zambrano J, Filippi Oberegger U, Salvalai G (2021)
Journal article
Energy and Buildings

More information:

Architettura solare e patrimonio culturale
Lucchi E, Toledo L, Margutti A, Ferrero A (2021)

More information: ...

Fotovoltaico integrato negli edifici, a che punto è la ricerca
Maturi L, Pelle M, Lucchi E (2020)
Journal article
Infobuild energia

More information: ...

Coloured BIPV Technologies: Methodological and Experimental Assessment for Architecturally Sensitive Areas
Pelle M, Lucchi E, Maturi L, Astigarraga A, Causone F (2020)
Journal article

More information:

Acceptance of building-integrated (BIPV) in heritage buildings and landscapes: potentials, barrier and assessment criteria
Polo López CS, Lucchi E, Franco G (2020)
Conference proceedings article

Conference: REHABEND 2020 | Online | 24.3.2020 - 27.3.2020

More information: ...

A conceptual framework on the integration of solar energy systems in heritage sites and buildings
Lucchi E, Polo Lopez CS, Franco G (2020)
Conference proceedings article

Conference: Herithech 2020 | online | 14.10.2020 - 16.10.2020

More information: ...

Scuola universitaria professionale della Svizzera italiana (SUPSI)
Region of Lombardy


Elena Lucchi

Project ManagerT 356 550 1740 93+ude.carue@ihccul.anele

Laura Maturi

Vice project managerT 336 550 1740 93+ude.carue@irutam.arual

Ilaria Alberti

Project assistantT 656 550 1740 93+ude.carue@itrebla.airali


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