EU H2020 HAPPENING: Heat pumps in existing multi-family buildings for achieving union's energy and environmental goals

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Heat pumps are a key technology in bringing renewable shares into heat supply of buildings; especially their combination with onsite renewable electricity production e.g. by PV allows to bring high renewable shares. Their current installation in existing multi-apartment buildings is however still marginal. The proposed technological solution is based on decentralized heat pumps, in such a way that it results an easy-to-install solution for installers, low-intrusive for the occupants and easily adaptable to a large number of different building contexts. This is supported by developing planning, implementation and operation processes, in order to facilitate the work during the planning phase, ensure a high-quality installation, effective operation and reduce the effort and costs along the whole retrofit project.  Through 3 demo sites (in Spain, Italy and Austria), the project will demonstrate a highly versatile, scalable and replicable solution package for buildings retrofit, reaching 70-75% of renewable energy fraction, 30-50% of PE and GHG emissions savings, reduction of planning time by 50% and installation/operation time by 30%.

Integrating Heat Pumps in Existing Residential Buildings
Fedrizzi R (2023)

More information: https://www.buildup.eu/en/news/overview-article-integrating- ...

Laboratory characterization of a cascade heat pump system with intermediate water loop
Menegon D, Campidelli M, Fedrizzi R (2023)
Conference proceedings article

Conference: 14th IEA Heat Pump Conference | Chicago | 15.5.2023 - 15.5.2023

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