EU H2020 EEnvest - Risk reduction for building Energy Efficiency iNVESTments

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  • Project duration: June 2019 - June 2022
  • Project status: ongoing
  • Funding:
    Societal Challenge (Horizon 2020 /EU funding /Project)
  • Total project budget: €1,494,538.00
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EEnvest is a H2020 collaborative research project focused on mainstreaming energy efficiency financing in the building renovation sector.

The aim of EEnvest is the creation of a tool (a web-based search and match platform) which investors can use to evaluate the risk of investment in energy efficiency for buildings. The web-based search platform will match the demand and offer of buildings to be retrofitted with funding available from external financiers.

The EEnvest platform will provide reliable information on the risk associated with energy renovation measures, combining proprietary risk evaluation models with the specific features of the property evaluated. The platform will use a blockchain-based data exchange validation system in order to guarantee the security and quality of the information. In this way, EEnvest will connect technical and financial communities, such as building owners, designers and potential transaction financers, as well as private investors.

To carry out the risk evaluation, the EEnvest platform will use a framework developed within the project that will combine technical-financial due-diligence mechanisms, resulting in a set of possible renovation actions presented in an organized and user-friendly way.

De-Risking the Energy Efficient Renovation of Commercial Office Buildings through Technical-Financial Risk Assessment
Andaloro A, Salvalai G, Fregonese G, Tso L, Paoletti G (2022)
Journal article

More information:

Integration of Finance in Energy Efficiency
Loureiro T, Pozza C, Mexis FD, Olivero S, de Csiky C, Bogi A (2021)
Conference proceedings article

Conference: Sustainable Places 2021 | Rome | 28.9.2021 - 1.10.2021

More information:

Technical and economic risk reduction methodology for Building Energy Efficiency investments: the EEnvest project
Salvalai G, Paoletti G, Sesana MM, Andaloro A (2020)
Conference proceedings article

Conference: Colloqui Ar.Tec. 2020 | Catania | 17.6.2020 - 20.6.2020

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