Emission Factors for Business Travels

Internal study for the development of an accounting tool for the CO2 emissions of business travels

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At Eurac Research we are particularly sensitive to the environmental impact of our activities, that’s why we carried out an internal study with the aim to develop a CO2 emissions calculator for business travels with the objective of making our collaborators aware of the CO2 emissions they produce with their service trips.

The overall aim of this internal project is to raise the environmental awareness of Eurac Research’s collaborators and to develop, with the support of the IT department, a tool to easily account for the emissions of service trips in total.

Within the Institute for Renewable Energy, our experts in urban and regional energy system modelling have been tasked to conduct further research to identify the most relevant CO2 accounting methods and to collect relevant data to perform the analysis. The objective of the analysis is to account for the emissions generated by business trips only. Emissions related to commuting to and from work are not considered. The mode of transport investigated are related to road transport, flights, and train.

See below the report showing the sources, approaches and main data used in the calculations.

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