EU H2020 MEZeroE - Measuring Envelope products and systems contributing to next generation of healthy nearly Zero Energy Buildings

  • Project duration: January 2021 - January 2026
  • Project status:
  • Funding:
    Societal Challenge (Horizon 2020 /EU funding /Project)
  • Total project budget: €17,144,737.50

MEZeroE is an EU distributed open innovation ecosystem for: (i) developing nZEB Enabler Envelope technology solutions; (ii) transferring knowledge; (iii) matching testing needs with existing facilities; (iv) providing monitoring in living labs and; (v) standardizing cutting-edge solutions coming from SMEs and larger industries, to foster inclusive change in the building sector, being accessible via a single-entry point to all users. MEZeroE allows the development of ground-based solutions focused on carbon neutrality and healthy indoor environment, validated with advanced assessment methods and services, recognized protocols and long-term vision to embrace industry 4.0 trends, rapid decision making and customer-centric
requirements. MEZeroE accompanies enterprises in adopting the open innovation approach comprising discovery (phase 1), empowering (phase 2), and exploiting (phase 3).
MEZeroE will be accessed via a single-entry point web-based multi-side virtual marketplace, including 9 Pilot Measurement & Verification Lines (PM&VL) and 3 Open Innovation Services (OIS) covering training, business model development, systematic IP and knowledge management. MEzeroE will fast-track prototypes to the market as fully characterized products.
MEZeroE virtual marketplace provides structured knowledge to different stakeholders with a pragmatic and well-grounded mid to long-term ambition of developing and consolidating a trusted expertise network, to be active and self-sustaining well beyond the project timeline. Based on synergies among partners, existing channels and a dedicated marketing strategy MEZeroE will exploit 3 revenue lines to ensure a 4x leverage factor vs. EU contribution. These revenue streams include: (I) memberships (benefit of web based platform manager); (ii) consultancy for innovation and IPR protection (benefit of OIS developers) and (iii) incremental
revenues of industrial partners (benefit of users) thanks to product transferred to market.

Fragmentation and the complex structure of the building market are among the main barriers to technology innovation in this sector, because of: the many involved disciplines, design and production are usually separated, large amount of players with a large majority of SME, long and multifaceted supply chains making it difficult gathering the different specialists together. The hallmark of an accepted technology is its inclusion in standards such as building codes and specifications. It provides designers, professionals, practitioners and contractors with confidence in the viability of the technology, essential information for its application and reduced perception of risks associated with its use.1 MEZeroE promotes innovation and standardisation contributing to the EU building stock transformation. MEZeroE offers an open innovation ecosystem for the development, testing and upscaling of smart and bio-based, human-centric envelope products, combining infrastructure facilities and expertise of academic and research centres, with innovative solutions proposed by industry to bring disruptive changes into the building market.
The challenge to overcome is the open upscaling of products from lab validation to higher TRLs and successful market entry. Such upscaling allows to reduce the technological risks and to increase investments’ attractiveness, by creating general recommendations and providing a “Premium Service Package”, driven by marketability, cost-effectiveness and flexibility.
The MEZeroE ecosystem enables SMEs and larger enterprises to use a market pull open innovation approach with single entry point, comprising of discovery (phase 1), empowering (phase 2), and exploiting (phase 3) reliable pilot test-chains and open innovation services for driving advanced envelope prototypes into the market, as robust and low risk products.
MEZeroE will establish an Open Innovation Test Bed (OITB) for nZEB Enabler Envelope technology Solutions (nEES). Thanks to reliable test-chains, knowledge management tool, and focused training, MEZeroE OITB aligns the market of nZEB with high indoor environmental quality. MEZeroE ecosystem is conceived as an EU distributed service accessible via a single-entry point; it is structured into Pilot Measurement and Verification Lines (PM&VL) and Open Innovation Services (OIS), knowledge management environment, being fully inclusive for research and industry players, as well as for public authorities and citizens. MEZeroE ecosystem presents and offers its services through a web-based platform, which works as a multi-side virtual marketplace enabling discovery and matching among players and scouting of services that are normally not accessible in a single place, as well as secure/controlled knowledge sharing. MEZeroE framework provides structured knowledge to different stakeholders with a pragmatic and well-grounded mid to long-term ambition of developing and consolidating a trusted expertise network (gathered ina a structure capacity map), to be active and self-sustaining well beyond the project timeline. We drafted a business plan calculating that, thanks to a comprehensive engagement strategy, the virtual marketplace will have almost 7000 users in 2030 and a overall revenue from 2026 to 2030 close to 60 m€.
MEZeroE consortium includes innovative SMEs and prominent industry partners providing high potential technologies to be pushed from the lab to the market. The MEzeroE open innovation approach offers a multi-physics, multi-layer set of services that take the core idea on a journey from Proof-of-Concept to evaluation on a real building or its emulator (full-scale outdoor test facilities) through living lab approach. RTD partners have infrastructure as well as scientific and technical expertise to cover the seven basic requirements under EU Construction Products Regulation (CPR) 305/11 as well as of other European and international certification schemes. Partners in the consortium offer also competences on business modelling and development, to sustain the exploitation of the innovative products proposed by IND partners. The consortium will establish an open and collaborative ecosystem as a community of stakeholders, benefiting from cluster effects such as open knowledge exchange, critical mass for lobbing, easier access to research, funding and financial schemes. MEZeroE multi-side virtual marketplace is the place for ecosystem members to meet, find and provide services and practical tools, as well as exchange knowledge and receive support for bringing ground-breaking ideas on building envelope products into the market and for developing related business strategy. A system producer entering the platform with a specific need and it is guided in the identification of services and providers to face such need. It can access knowledge or receive notifications when new opportunities appear on the platform. Once the producer is connected to a service provider, they can find a deal out of the platform. Later on, the producer will be encouraged to contribute to the platform contents in term of knowledge and pre-competitive data coming from experimental campaign in the open innovation spirit or because of direct benefits (e.g. receiving discount for next service). The ecosystem is open in terms of knowledge repository accessibility, but also in terms of further members acceptance to create an active network beyond the project timeline. The virtual marketplace is designed and will be managed to ensure privacy and confidentiality, with several access and disclosure levels ranging from simple information queries to research to business (R2B) and business to business (B2B) collaboration options.

R2M Solution srl
Tecnalia - Parque Científico y Tecnológico de Gipuzkoa
Politecnico di Milano
Leopold Franzens University Innsbruck
Focchi Spa
Rothoblaas Srl
arbnco Ltd
FlexAndRobust Systems
Riko houses production and marketing d.o.o.
Tecnología Navarra de Nanoproductos S.L
Denmark Technical University
WindowMaster International A/S
Institute of construction technology of Catalunya
Politecnico of Cracovia
Slovenian National Building And Civil Engineering Institute


Roberto Lollini

Project managerT 056 550 1740 93+ude.carue@inillol.otrebor

Francesco Babich

Vice project managerT 876 550 1740 93+ude.carue@hcibab.ocsecnarf

Riccarda Moser

Project assistantT 457 550 1740 93+ude.carue@resom.adraccir


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