EU H2020 RE-MODULEES - The Retrofitting Market Activation Platform based on the generation of standard modules for energy efficiency and clean energy solutions

  • Project duration: October 2020 - October 2023
  • Project status:
  • Funding:
    Competitive Industries (Horizon 2020 /EU funding /Project)
  • Total project budget: €2,099,518.75

re-MODULEES aims at the creation of an EU-wide “umbrella” framework for EE in existing residential buildings based on the generation of standard modules for the retrofit market activation and up-take. Modularity is to be intended as multi-level: it regards the “breakdown” of the overall retrofit process into standardized segments; and multi-target: it regards their customization according to regional climatic, building, socio-economic and market conditions, in order to shape more effective tools and approaches through which to maximise cost-optimality, positive spillovers and impact.

This framework is based on clustering of efforts and evidences, and would allow shaping cross-regional policies, and generating wider homogeneous, integrated and facilitated retrofitting market areas. For this reason, re-MODULEES aims to be a strategic capitalization project which, by leveraging on the wide background of several H2020 projects (as well as from other EU programs), will join and combine knowledge, approaches and tools already available within its clear modular framework, so to optimize their uptake on local markets.

In WP2, the first step in re-MODULEES is the capitalization of the input knowledge for the re-MODULEES market activation platform. WP2 objectives will be two-fold: on one side, a deep market profiling of 7 re-MODULEES pilot markets will be performed, scouting both technical and social aspects of markets operation, with the aim of setting the baselines for the further project tasks. On the other hand, the supply side and social acceptance from the local pilot markets will be surveyed. A comprehensive and thorough investigation of tool & solutions (TT/SS) available on the local retrofitting market will be carried out, aimed to set the ground for their successive capitalization. On this basis, viable homogeneous methodological frameworks related to clustered markets and TT/SS will be also synthesized into a Standard Modular Architecture (SMA) of the deep energy retrofitting process at EU level and proposed as guidance for the actions connected to WP3.
 Digitalization and Further Development: WP3 deals with the automation of the multi-target solutions, regarding their adaptation to regional climatic, building, socio-economic and market conditions and the multi-level processes, regarding the “breakdown” of the overall retrofit process into standardized segments, and will join and combine knowledge, approaches and tools already available within its clear modular framework, to optimize their uptake on local markets. This will be done through the implementation of a GIS based ICT platform acting as entry point to the different modules according to a building location and a user profile.
 Demonstration in Pilot Markets, Local Advisory Board and Renovation Hub Activation: WP4 is aimed at supporting financially viable and attractive renovation actions at the local level. For this purpose, seven different pilot markets (Italy, Spain, Greece, France, Bulgaria, Netherland, Slovenia) are selected, as geographical areas which will be the testbed of the project solutions, tools and ICT platform, in order to reach a wide scale impact. Each pilot leader will engage a renovation Local Advisory Board (LAB) in order to 1) provide advice based on the specific needs of the various stakeholder categories represented in the project and 2) support of Public and Private Partnership (PPP) at the regional and national level. Scope of the LABs is the creation of a network of stakeholders that are representative of the most relevant categories connected to the retrofitting process in the local markets including subjects of four categories: 1) Demand side: building owners and representative organizations (association of final users and consumers and association of condominium members) and also EU level by umbrella organizations; 2) Public side: city councils, local governments, regional and national government in charge of Renovating Strategies and, in some cases, funding providers through subsidies, etc. 3) Technical/Supply side: Producers, suppliers, contractors, sales agents etc. with good reputation and references on local level 4) Financial side: banks, private investors, financiers, multilateral funders and other funds, as well as EU relevant initiatives. This is achieved by the collection of relevant Letter of Support (LoS) from these four categories. Renovation Hubs will be established in some of the Pilot Markets (Netherland, Spain, Bulgaria and Slovenia) in which stakeholders from the value chains will be physically involved in the testing/validation/application of locally relevant renovation solutions, tailored and endogenous renovation and business models, as well could profit from tailored dissemination, awareness raising and training actions (in connection to WP5 and WP6).  
 Business modelling, market uptake and exploitation of the re-MODULEES services: WP5 aims to support the development of locally driven business models and further market uptake of renovation solutions, supported by the re-MODULEES tools, and the services of the LABs via the adoption of a large variety of distribution channels and the Renovation  Hubs. The objective of WP5 is to ensure that re-MODULEES is embraced by multiple MS, product suppliers and private and public  stakeholders and therefore addresses requirements for upscaling of the concept, adoption of strategic choices. re-MODULEES will involve stakeholder groups of the whole value chain, both professional users, manufacturers and beneficiaries (see also the market actors, described in 1.3.1). Policy recommendations are paramount KERs of re-MODULEES. For this reason, WP5 will recollect all the regulatory and legislative barriers, as well as the practical shortcomings experienced during the implementation of re-MODULEES (with inputs from WP2, WP3, WP4) in each pilot market and it will assess/evaluate them against the background of relevant EU legislation. Building upon the findings of a series of interviews and workshops with key stakeholders and decision-makers, WP5 will allow a deeper understanding of the said barriers for market uptakes in order to determine if and how they could operationally be addressed at EU and national level.

Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche
Inovacijsko-razvojni institut Univerze v Ljubljan
Dowel Management
Union Internationale de la propriété Immobilière
R2M Solution France


Roberto Lollini

Project managerT 056 550 1740 93+ude.carue@inillol.otrebor

Giulia Paoletti

Vice project managerT 166 550 1740 93+ude.carue@itteloap.ailuig

Cristiana Losso

Project assistantT 806 550 1740 93+ude.carue@ossol.anaitsirc


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