EU H2020 REWARDHeat - Renewable and Waste Heat Recovery for Competitive District Heating and Cooling Networks

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The overall objective of REWARDHeat is to demonstrate a new generation of low-temperature district heating and cooling networks, which will be able to increase production and distribution efficiency by recovering renewable and waste heat, available at low temperature.
By focusing on the exploitation of energy sources in urban environments, the replicability and upscaling potential of the decentralized solutions will be maximised. These solutions aim to promote a cost efficient and technically viable decarbonisation of the European DHC sector.

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Adaptive thermal load prediction in residential buildings using artificial neural networks
Fouladfar MH, Soppelsa A, Nagpal H, Fedrizzi R, Franchini G (2023)
Elsevier BV
Journal article
Journal of Building Engineering

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REWARDHeat: Low-Temperature RE and Waste Heat Recovery in District Heating and Cooling Networks
Fedrizzi R (2022)

Conference: Cool DH Policy Webinar | online | 29.4.2022 - 29.4.2022

Analysis of low-temperature waste heat recovery scenarios for a case study in a conventional district heating network

Cozzini M (2022)
Conference proceedings article

Conference: Smart Energy Systems International Conference | Aalborg | 13.9.2022 - 15.9.2022

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Role of sustainable heat sources in transition towards fourth generation district heating: a review
Jodeiri AM, Goldsworthy MJ, Buffa S, Cozzini M (2022)
Journal article
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews

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Advanced Control and Fault Detection Strategies for District Heating and Cooling Systems: A Review
Buffa S, Fouladfar MH, Franchini G, Gabarre IL, Chicote MA (2021)
Journal article
Applied Sciences

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